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Aloe Wellness in Washington, DC 20016 Ayurvedic Centres Aloe Wellness in Washington, DC 20016Aloe Wellness: Arti and Rhodo found each other in Washington, DC and knew that there was a great potential to come together and provide a warm and welcoming environment for their patients to heal, focusing on wellness.
What makes them click is that they share important things in common: they both like good food, good music, good quirky humor and a deep love for good ol’ biochemistry.
Their personal connection, friendship and mutual respect for each other established a solid foundation to create a space for patients to feel calm and open to the care they need.
While all doctors require a good education and a passion for being a “service to others”, being good doctors to patients also means being able to connect on a level that recognizes the story that each patient brings. The vision of Aloe Wellness was born out of a desire to truly connect with each patient while practicing the art and science of Naturopathic medicine. Bringing the art of “bedside manner” back into practice is at the core of how they approach each patient.
Arti and Rhodo continue to share their excitement for their growing knowledge of science and the human experience into their practice everyday. In addition, through the legislative process, they are both actively committed to improving access to naturopathic medicine in Washington, DC.
At Aloe Wellness, collaboration is key. Collaboration as a team and collaboration with patients is fundamental on a journey toward wellness. The beauty of wellness begins deep within, and has the potential to positively affect families, friendships and communities around.

The Official Site of Aloe Wellness is www.aloewellnessdc.com. Aloe Wellness is Located at 5840 MacArthur Blvd NW, Washington, DC 20016, USA.

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