Remede Wellness Medicine

Ayurvedic Centres Remede Wellness Medicine in Mosman Park WA 6012Remede Wellness Medicine is a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary wellness medicine practice that provides a balanced and holistic approach to healthcare by bringing together a team of highly qualified practitioners that practice evidence-based natural and complementary medicine, together with integrative and conventional medicine, that focuses on wellness. It is a ‘best of both worlds’ approach, which we call wellness medicine.

Remede Wellness Medicine experienced multidisciplinary team of naturopaths, integrative doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, acupuncturists + Chinese medicine practitioners and massage therapists are unified by a commitment to offer the very best individualised patient care which is grounded by a common goal to address the underlying causes of an individual’s health problems to restore health, prevent disease and enhance optimal life-long wellness.

Remede Wellness Medicine in Mosman Park WA 6012 Ayurvedic Centres Remede Wellness Medicine in Mosman Park WA 6012

Remede Wellness Medicine in Mosman Park WA 6012

At Remède, you can find the solutions to your health problems. You have access to a team of practitioners who work together, when necessary, to determine the underlying cause/s of your health issues and who practice truly integrative and preventative medicine. We can help you to feel and look better, by improving your health physically, biochemically and emotionally – to unlock your body’s full potential. Our practitioners can help you to unlearn old habits of poor health and gain knowledge on how to achieve and maintain your body in the best condition possible. Our emphasis is on prevention, education and the use of natural medicine to support the body’s ability to restore health.

Remede Wellness Medicine practitioners utilise a comprehensive range of in-clinic cutting-edge medical technologies, functional and general pathology testing, so patients benefit from the best possible diagnostic services and complementary medicine treatments. We use precise, evidence-based and effective processes to identify, measure and track your health issues and progress, to ensure that you experience optimal health and wellness like never before…naturally.

Your life-long wellness is of primary importance to us and Remede Wellness Medicine friendly team can help you find the right practitioner to improve your health and wellness, prevent disease, reduce or eliminate symptoms of existing health conditions and slow down your body’s ageing process. Our aim is to help you to live a well, active and vital life throughout each of life’s ages and stages.

Remede Wellness Medicine in-house naturopathic dispensary stocks a large range of prescription-only pharmaceutical quality natural medicine and our wellness store carries organic skincare, supplements, books, organic superfoods and other products to assist you in your wellness journey.

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