Eating this ONE food before 8 am can give you a flat tummy

In our desire to get fit, we don’t mind to opt for any fad diet or to spend hours in the gym. Especially, when it’s about getting a flat tummy, we carefully choose foods on our plate, keeping in mind their calorie and fat content. But what if you realize that eating this ONE food helps in getting a flat tummy and keeps you satiated all day long? Of course, you won’t shy adding this to your daily diet. So, what’s that food, we tell you here.


WHAT EXPERTS SUGGEST: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. According to experts, starting your day on a healthy note will keep you full for a longer duration. They recommend eating a mix of proteins, healthy carbs, fibre and other essential nutrients.

THIS IS THE BEST FOOD: Eat two eggs before 8 am. Prefer eating them cooked in a half tbsp of olive oil. Enriched with vitamin D, protein and biotin, eating eggs in your breakfast keeps you full and satisfied for a longer period. That means you don’t get rumbling stomach before lunch and will not binge on unhealthy food items.

CAN YOU EAT YOLK? Yes, you can eat yolk as it is good for you and eating two yolks is not at all harmful. But if you have cholesterol issues or any other health issue, consult your doctor before eating yolks.

OTHER COOKING OPTIONS: Make an egg salad with leafy vegetables. You can also eat eggs with whole wheat bread. It is nutritious, healthy and will result in a flat tummy.

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