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Samhita Yoga Center is Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh Ayurvedic Centres Samhita Yoga Center in Rajahmundry, Andhra PradeshSamhita Yoga and Nature Cure Center is prominent place to learn and practice the art of Yoga.We provide customized treatment plan based on individual needs

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root word “yuj”, which means to bind, join and direct and concentrate one’s attention on. In more practical terms yoga is a timeless pragmatic science of disciplining the intellect, mind, emotions and the will which eventually helps us to look at life in a broader sense We have evolved so much in many fields. This evolution has bestowed the mankind with many fruits, many sweet but a few bitter and sour. It is up to us on to how we want to use these fruits of knowledge and evolution for our betterment. In this fast developing world, when we have forgotten many of our old traditions and skills, what is the necessity to focus on such old tradition? To find our own place in this world we need to first understand ourselves well; and yoga is one such an art that helps us through this. Samhita Yoga Center and nature cure center, born in the year 1994 with the primary purpose of creating an awareness of the significance of realizing your true self. Samhita Yoga Center at Samhita focus on hatha yoga, nature cure treatments and transcendental meditation. Samhita Yoga Center, at Samhita since its inception and in our journey into the future humbly continue to value the purity of the purpose, humility of discipline and selflessness that are a legacy of our long bondage to the society and god. Yoga, the practice of an art is difficult to communicate through words.

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