Global Agnikarma Centre

Global Agnikarma Centre in Gandhinagar Ayurvedic Centres Global Agnikarma Centre in GandhinagarGlobal Agnikarma Centre Aim is to establish and propagate agnikarma as a simple, effective and complication free treatment option for acute and chronic pain in muscular and joint disorders.

Global Agnikarma Centre Approach to Agnikarma includes the application of Agnikarma technique in a scientific way. We undertake a detailed analysis of the patient and disorder to ensure the correct treatment of Agnikarma is applied.

Global Agnikarma Centre also ensure the management of therapeutic burns using a specially formulated herbal cream named Burn Cool cream which contains potent herbs MASTIC (Rumi Mastagi) Pistacia lentiscus and Shorea robusta.

Global Agnikarma Centre are firm believers, of evidence-based medicine. By undertaking and tracking the treatment and improvement of sufferers, we are able to further research into acute and chronic pain.

we advisors play a key role in bringing the science of Agnikarma together with the latest cutting-edge medical science and understanding of its correlation.

Global Agnikarma Centre Address: 51, Ground Floor, Shree Square Complex, Pethapur, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Behind State Bank Of India, Pethapur Cross Roads, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382610.

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