Swami Shraddhanand Naturopathy Centre

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Swami Shraddhanand Naturopathy Centre

swami shraddhanand naturopathy centre is a brain child of the author who carried forward the vision of Swami Shradhanand who devoted his whole life in the service of humanity. This dream project of Naturopathy centre is a part and parcel of our age old Ayurveda. In Naturopathy, a patient is treated through five essential elements of nature viz. air, earth, water, sky and fire. In this fast moving age of science and technology, different kinds of diseases engulf a person due to overconsumption, irregular and unhealthy routine of life, desire for accumulation of wealth and hectic life. People from not only the country but from abroad also come here regularly to get a new lease of life. So far nearly 32000 patients from developed nations like U.S.A., England, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Thailand have been benefited through the naturopathy treatment.

Recently a VIP Treatment department has been added to the already existing treatment facilities at a whooping cost of nearly Rs. One Crore. The rooms are airy, well ventilated with a provision of 24 hour power and water back up. Fitted with most modern electronic and other equipments, the special section caters to the needs of very important personalities whose precious time is very important for the development of nation. So in order to save their time and energy, most ultra modern naturopathy and physiotherapy devices have been installed in the centre. Unable to cope with the rush of patients, the administration of Gurukul has decided to construct an extension of the hospital at a cost of nearly Rs. 30 Lakhs.

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