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Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre in Nasik Ayurvedic Centres Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre in NasikCoral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre – Deolali, established 150 years ago by British during the Raj days is nestled in the lap of nature, amidst the serene and pollution free environs, 160 kms away from Mumbai. It was here that the Britisher’s rested their soldiers from battle fatigue and trauma for a faster recovery. Its ambience is so healing; perhaps wise Britishers were the first to realize this. Deolali carries the legacy of a well developed military camp from Raj days and is a well planned town with macadam roads crisscrossing its beautiful landscape. Nasik,” The city of pilgrimage” is only 6 kms from Deolali, on the banks of the pious river Gautami(Godavari). In its serene & divine surroundings Deolali beckons you at Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre.

Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre started under the guidance of Dr. Sukhbir Singh, The Legend in Nature Cure for the era, followed by Dr. Jiwanlal Gandhi all with vast wisdom and experience in Nature Cure and followers of The Gandhian philosophy.

Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre With the great vibrations and healing thoughts of these great People, the centre is presently under the guidelines of Dr. Mervin S. Leo (B.N.Y.S.) and Dr. Deepa Jothi M. Leo (B.N.Y.S.) who have been the pillars for various nature cure centers in Kutch, Gujarat with the vast knowledge in the field treating hundreds of chronic diseased guest through Nature cure.

Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre believe to reform the present diseased era by educating our guest with the best for them, rather than enforcing things in nature. God is the healer and Physician’s are just the instruments to guide you, to the nature of healing.

To know More About Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre Located at Coral Garden Near Dastgiri, Baba Dargah, Behind Rajgruhi Society, Lam Road, Deolali, Nasik-422 401, INDIA. please visit the below links. All the Content, Images and Details are taken from Official website. Click Here to Visit official website.

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Coral Naturopathy & Yoga Centre in Nasik