Nirmayee Nature Cure in Pune

Nirmayee Nature Cure in Pune, Maharashtra Ayurvedic Centres Nirmayee Nature Cure in PuneNIRMAYEE Nature Cure Centre (Nirmayee Naturopathy Centre) we seek to provide our patients with the best healthcare available. Our professional staff strives not only to treat the health problems, but also helps you to achieve the goal of maximizing your health potential.

“NIRMAYEE Nature Cure Centre” encompasses not only the treatment of diseases, but strives to achieve and maintain optimal levels of health. Nevertheless, our patients can utilize the individual services of our professional staff. Our programs are especially designed to suit individual needs.

NIRMAYEE Nature Cure Centre (Nirmayee Naturopathy Centre) offers an alternative for individuals seeking specialized health care.

By combining knowledge and resources of chiropractic, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Massage Therapy, Chiropody and Counseling, we offer patients access to the finest diagnostic tools, treatments and therapies available from each discipline.Medical treatment is a package of relief with side effects. Now-a-days people even at the tender age of 35 are diagnosed with Diabetes, Spondylitis, Stress, Blood Pressure etc. This is a major setback to society. Mr. Srinivas Iyengar, the chief promoter, decided to set up Nirmayee Nature Cure Centre in Pune, Maharashtra, in an endeavor to assist persons suffering from many ailments and to get relief by Naturopathy. For setting up a section exclusively for women Mrs. Uma Iyengar has been actively involved.

Nirmayee Nature Cure Centre – Wellness Resort is proposed Naturopathy Centre located one hour from Lonavala & 50 km from Pune, Maharashtra.

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