Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital

Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital is the oldest and largest government Ayurvedic hospital in the country. Founded in 1929 it was shifted to the present site at Cotta road, Borella, exactly four miles from the centre of the city of Colombo, in 1931. Additional buildings were constructed as the need for expansion of the hospital arose. The administration block and the wards 5, 7, 8, and 9, were constructed in 1959. The four strayed “Pancha karma� building was constructed in 1971.

Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital - Borella in Colombo Ayurvedic Centres Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital – Borella in Colombo

This Hospital has 271 beds. 247 beds in non paying wards and 24 beds in paying wards (12 for males and 12 for females).

The importance of this institution rests also on another factor. It is the main Ayurvedic teaching hospital in the Island. Facilities are provided for the students of the Institute of Indigenous Medicine to receive their practical training at this hospital under the guidance of the members of the staff of the institute.

In addition to the regular cadre of Ayurveda physicians, the hospital employs specialists for the treatment of the following:

  • Snake bite.
  • Boils.
  • Fractures and dislocation.
  • Burns.
  • Mental diseases.
  • Children diseases.

It also has a maternity ward. The main attractions of the hospital as far as treatment is concerned, however is that is the only medical institution so far that provides full course of panchakarma treatment and usually 2000 out patients are treated daily.

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Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital – Borella in Colombo