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Ayurveda Wedagedara (Pvt) Ltd in Kandy Ayurvedic Centres Ayurveda Wedagedara (Pvt) Ltd in KandyThe driving force behind “Ayurveda Wedagedara“ is Dr. Dineth Navarathna who belongs to a reputed traditional Ayurvedic family. His interest for Ayurveda has developed from his childhood until starting his own Ayurvedic centre “Ayurveda Wedagedara

He has been an Ayurvedic specialist from more than 20 years and has worked in Japan as an Ayurvedic practitioner. He traveled extensively throughout the world to develop and teach courses, deliver lectures and offer consultations for health professionals and individuals. His years of authentic Ayurvedic medical training make his practice a special gift to any community.

Ayurveda Wedagedara – The Facility
The facility consist of number of treatment rooms to offer service even for a large number of customers at a time. This is the largest Ayurveda facility in Kandy. In addition to treatment rooms, it consist of rooms for accommodation, dining areas, living areas which required by our in house guests who take treatment packages and Training packages.

Click here to visit of Ayurveda Wedagedara (Pvt) Ltd Located as 76 b 20000 20000 Sri Lanka 76/B, Deveni Rajasinghe Mw, Kandy, Sri lanka, Deveni Rajasinghe Mawatha, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka, official website.

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Ayurveda Wedagedara (Pvt) Ltd in Kandy