Practice Ayurveda Sana
Massage therapist in Otelfingen, Switzerland

Practice Ayurveda Sana ayurvedic massages help people in their health.
They soothe tense nerves, keep the skin elastic, nourish the tissues and stimulate the metabolism.
Ayurvedic massages touch the soul and clarify the mind.
Harmony, inner peace and happiness can come to an end.

Practice Ayurveda Sana For me, you will have an eye contact with special, mature oils and herbs.

Practice Ayurveda Sana – Training and further education in the field of health and health disorders:

– Ayurveda massages / therapies

– Ayurvedic nutritional advice

– Ayurvedic psychological counseling

– Read the pulse after the Siddhaved line

European Academy for Ayurveda, Birstein DE

– Communication that creates connection.

Practice Ayurveda Sana – Trainer after the model of the non-violent communication of Marshall B. Rosenberg

– Psychosocial, spiritual accompaniment of dying and mourning.

– Medial consulting

– Spiritual healing

– Shamanic treatment / design of individual rituals

My treatments are preventive and supportive. They do not replace the walk to the medical professional.

The Official Site of Practice Ayurveda Sana is Located at Hinterdorfstrasse 17, 8112 Otelfingen, Switzerland.

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