Atmodaya Ayurveda Center

Atmodaya Ayurveda Center in Zürich, Switzerland Ayurvedic Centres Atmodaya Ayurveda Center in Zürich, SwitzerlandAtmodaya Ayurveda Center: Customer satisfaction and success are not given to you and do not go into the very beginning. As the owner of Atmodaya, Christian Heigl is committed to the team spirit and the individuality of each individual. In direct contact with the client, our team consists of people with experience in a wide range of fields (medical and ayurvedic doctors, therapists, midwives, nursing staff, yoga and meditation teachers). All of us share the desire for more mindfulness, respect for life and the implementation of the basic idea of ​​the ayurvedic health teachings, to perceive people as a holistic being with all their individual aspects (body, mind and soul) and to promote them on their way to self-determination.
However, in order to find us here in the World Wide Web, we owe the two pearls Sebastian and Valerie in the background, who have pimped the IT area and the marketing for Atmodaya with so much sensitivity and have maintained this high level through regular support.

The Official Site of Atmodaya Ayurveda Center is Atmodaya Ayurveda Center is Located at Lindenstrasse 41, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland.

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