~ Blue Eden Holistic Room ~

Blue Eden Holistic Room in Private room in Ekkamai, owned by highly skilled and experienced French therapist Mamouchka (see “about the therapist” section) who offers holistic, patient centered treatments, for people of all ages, culture and country, seeking natural ways for healing physical or emotional problems even serious ones or just deeply relax, let go off stress, detox, seek advice on living a more “natural” way.

Blue Eden Holistic Room in Bangkok Ayurvedic Centres Blue Eden Holistic Room in Bangkok


    • Chronic physical pain or emotional issue
    • Sprain, aches…
    • Weight issue
    • Burn out, Office syndrom
    • Stroke
    • Recovering and letting go from any emotional baggage and trauma (childhood, parents, divorce, death, addiction, depression, sadness, fears/phobias, body image issues…)
    • Feeling lighter and more balanced
    • Promoting baby’s health during pregnancy & relaxing before delivery
    • Getting one hour deep relaxing energy session
    • Cancer solutions
    • Facial cosmetic rejuvenation

Blue Eden Holistic Room – TREATMENTS OFFERED: 
Blue Eden Holistic Room in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

    1. Acupuncture
    2. Electro-acupuncture
    3. Auriculotherapy
    4. Cosmetic acupuncture
    5. Moxibustion (Moxa)
    6. Cupping (Ventouses)
    7. Guasha

Blue Eden Holistic Room in Naturopathic treatments:

    1. Cranio Sacral Therapy (C.S.T)
    2. Visceral Osteopathy
    3. E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique)
    4. Faster E.F.T (Emotionally Focused Transformation)
    5. N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
    6. Light Hypnosis and Psychology
    7. Reiki
    8. Detox and Blood type nutrition
    9. Ear candling
    10. Crystal therapy
    11. Deeksha
    12. Green clay
    13. Kumbucha (home made probiotic)

Blue Eden Holistic Room in Therapeutic high quality massages:

    1. Hot basalt stone massage
    2. Medical warm or cold oil body massage
    3. Manual lymphatic drainage

Click here to visit of Blue Eden Holistic Room Located in Royal Kensington Mansion, Ekkamai soi 10, Bangkok 10110, Thailand, official website.

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