The Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center

The Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center | Best Ayurvedic Centre Ayurvedic Centres The Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center | Best Ayurveda CentreThe Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center has been providing balancing and detox treatments in Chiang Mai since 1999. We offer a unique combination of Ayurvedic wisdom combined with modern technology designed to gently detox and cleanse harmful toxins from the body.

The Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center reputation for professional, affordable and caring treatments has steadily grown throughout Thailand and around the world since we opened, with the majority of our customers returning to us year after year for an annual balancing and detox program.

While all of us enjoy being pampered, pampering alone will not make any long-lasting positive impact on our health. Our combination of ancient Ayurvedic treatments with modern world-class technology is designed to make a safe and vital difference to your health and well-being. You can expect noticeable improvements in your health after a visit to our Center.

⇨ The Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center Ayurvedic Treatments
• Abhyanga
• Basti
• Garshan
• Head & Foot
• Nasya
• Netra Tarpana
• Pinda Sweda
• Pizhichil
• Shiro Abhyanga
• Shirodhara
• Swedana
• Thai Foot Massage
• Udvartana
• 4 Hand Thai Massage
• Detox Treatments
• Coffee Enema
• Colonic Irrigation
• Electro-Dermal Screening
• Ion Foot Spa
• Ozone Therapy
• Pyro Energen

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