The Chiron Clinic at Dubai

the Chiron Clinic: for taking the time to learn more about us. the Chiron Clinic clinicians have been offering Dubai the highest standard of care in Integrative Medicine since 2005, and we are thrilled to open our doors and arms to welcome you to our new clinic facility.
The Chiron Clinic is focused on health rather than illness, and with our multi-service clinic we utilize a range of modalities and health practices to bring balance to each of our patients. Through high-quality individualized care we treat the root causes of illness and not just its symptoms, to help our patients achieve and maintain health and well being.
Illness is understood as a disturbance of the harmony between the body and the emotional life. Healing is achieved in several ways, and begins by supporting the patient’s participation in making lifestyle changes to promote a healthy physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The Chiron Clinic combines scientific and traditional forms of treatment and uses only the most researched natural and alternative medicines. We are focused on functional and preventative medicines, integrating complementary medicines that promote healing of the body, mind, and soul.
The least invasive modalities are used first, as we seek to access the body’s innate healing abilities. These modalities are part of an holistic approach to health care where physical and mental health are key to prevention, treatment, and ongoing optimal health.

Address of The Chiron Clinic: 160 2 D St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Official site of The Chiron Clinic – Click to

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