Say no to pills! 5 ways you can relieve arthritis pain at HOME

Blame it on your lifestyle, environmental risks or genetics, certain diseases can become inevitable and could even cause disability. One such disease, arthritis, has become a common illness and could target people at a younger age. This painful disease is caused by degenerative conditions which are marked by inflammation in the joints that causes pain and stiffness. There are medications that can help in treating arthritis but these conventional methods are strong, immune suppressing and could even damage the gut. Moreover, they could temporarily relieve the symptoms and are unable to address the root cause. But fret not. If you or your family member is suffering from this painful disease, here’s help. We have mentioned a few natural ways that will help in reducing the symptoms and can gradually treat arthritis.

Say no to pills! 5 ways you can relieve arthritis pain at HOME - Health Tips Ayurvedic Centres Say no to pills! 5 ways you can relieve arthritis pain at HOME

Say no to pills! 5 ways you can relieve arthritis pain at HOME – Health Tips

HEAL YOUR GUT: According to health experts, inflammation gets originated in the gut, hence it’s important for you to heal your gut health. You must know healthy food choices that are beneficial for your digestive system. For instance: Eliminate foods that can cause arthritis, such as dairy products, sugar, eggs, soy and gluten. If you feel a little better, it indicates that one of these food items was the culprit. After sometime, about three weeks later, start introducing these food items but one at a time. Monitor closely and you will be able to identify that culprit which was causing trouble to your gut system.

PREFER FOODS THAT FIGHT AGAINST INFLAMMATION: This is another good way to heal arthritis. You must eat foods that fight against inflammation. Increase your fibre intake. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and if possible, try eating organic produced fruits and vegetables. Cut down on refined sugar, refined grains, refined oils and trans fats. Also, you must not eat salt in excess and avoid eating foods that contain food dyes and preservatives.

RELAX YOUR MIND: Stress is the root cause of many illnesses. And in arthritis, when you are stressed, it can aggravate joint pain. Practice meditation, yoga and indulge yourself in those activities that calm your mind and body.

USE TURMERIC IN YOUR FOOD ITEMS: Turmeric is a great healer and helps in curing pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help in the reduction of body and joint inflammation.

MASSAGE: Get a massage as it relieves joint pain, stiffness and reduces inflammation. You must consult a professional massage therapist for massaging an arthritis patient as it needs knowledge, care and experience.

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