10 ways to get calcium without having milk – Health Tips

10 ways to get calcium without having milk - Health Tips Ayurvedic Centres 10 ways to get calcium without having milk – Health Tips

10 ways to get calcium without having milk – Health Tips

If you are lactose intolerant or do not like milk in general, getting enough calcium can be quite a challenge. Popping in calcium pills may help to some extent but there are ways natural foods can help you fulfil your requirement. Here are 10 ways to get calcium without having milk:

BEANS: Beans are rich in calcium content. Other than this, beans are also packed with protein. You can include beans in your meals to cover your calcium requirement.

FISH: Fish like sardines and salmon are excellent sources of calcium. Since our Indian taste buds do not support cold fish, you can grill or smoke them and savour with vegetables and salad.

ALMONDS: When it comes to nuts like almonds, you need to keep in mind the portion size. You can consume almonds as it is or even have homemade almond milk to complete your calcium requirement. One glass every day is tremendously nutritious for you.

OATMEAL: Believe it or not, even your breakfast oatmeal cooked in water has calcium in it. Even though the quantity is not high, you can keep oatmeal as an option to fulfil your calcium dose.

ORANGES: Oranges are a superb source of vitamin C and calcium at the same time. However, juicing an orange will deplete a major amount of it. Therefore, stick to having whole oranges either as a snack or in your fruit bowl.

SOY MILK: A great choice for those with lactose intolerance. Soy milk consists more protein and calcium than a regular glass of milk. You can either include it in your morning cereal, have it in your coffee or make yoghurt out of it.

GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES: As mentioned before, green leafy vegetables provide over 100 mg of calcium per serving, making them a great source of the same. As Indians, we love our subzi, and therefore you can include okra, spinach, saag in your daily diet.

SESAME SEEDS: To bring in the crunch factor to your foods include sesame seeds. They have 88 mg of calcium in one tablespoon. You can include them in your salads and subzis and even rotis.

GETTING ENOUGH VITAMIN D: Without adequate vitamin D in your body, calcium fails to work. Therefore, get proper vitamin D from foods and sunlight to maintain sufficient levels in your body.

BOK CHOY: Bok choy is another major source of calcium for our milk-haters and lactose-intolerant friends. Because of the green pigment present in bok choy, it makes it a loaded source of calcium, vitamin A and C. You can blanch bok choy and have it in the form of a salad.

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