10 best weight loss diets in the world!

Weight loss is the primary focus of this century. With everyone around us being obsessed with losing weight and looking good, it is only natural for us to get into the same bandwagon. However, with the existing information available, we are bound to get perplexed as to what to follow. Here are 10 weight loss diets which can help you shed extra kilos in a healthy manner!

10 best weight loss diets in the world! - Health Tips Ayurvedic Centres 10 best weight loss diets in the world! – Health Tips

10 best weight loss diets in the world! – Health Tips

MEDITERRANEAN DIET: The healthiest of the lot, the Mediterranean diet is the best diet to go for if weight loss is your aim. Whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats such as canola and olive oil form the basis of this diet. The key is to eat in moderation and not to starve your body in order to lose weight.

WHOLE30 DIET: In this new-age diet, you are required to give up alcohol, smoking, dairy, grains and legumes. Sticking to fats, fiber, meat, poultry, and seafood is the foundation of this diet. If you plan to abstain from these eating habits once and for all, Whole30 is for you.

VEGAN DIET: The name speaks for itself. A vegan diet typically disses all animal products and requires sticking to only plant-based produce. For example, if you consume cow milk, you need to now shift to almond or soy milk.

VEGETARIAN DIET: For Indians, vegetarian is the most natural diet they can possibly follow. This is because the vegetarian diet allows you to explore your vegetarian options, which can include your favourite ghar ka khana. You are supposed to restrict meat, seafood, poultry and outside food for this diet to work on you.

FLEXITARIAN DIET: Heavy-meat lovers unable to lose weight, Flexitarian diet is for you. This diet does not require absolute restriction from meat or seafood, but rather avoiding it as much as you can. This diet will help you get rid of your craving for non-vegetarian food every day.

WEIGHT WATCHERS DIET: An interesting concept which has emerged in the past year, this diet does not include a typical food group for you to eat or drop but rather track your own progress. You need to join the official site and your weight loss journey begins from there on. Since there are many who are following this, with this portal you get motivated by other people’s stories and vice-versa. You are required to make your weekly meal plan and the weight watchers site helps you keep motivated towards it.

LOW CARB DIET: Possibly the quickest way to lose weight, the low carb diet is perfect if you wish to shed kilos before a wedding or an event. You need to eat less of rotis and rice and more of vegetables and dals in order to make this diet work.

DASH DIET: Rich in fiber and low in fat, the DASH diet is the latest to do the rounds of weight watchers. DASH means dietary approaches to stop hypertension. A diet originally made for patients but has made its way onto weight loss dieter’s plate as well.

KETO DIET: The latest of them all, keto or ketogenic diet has outshined every other diet in 2017. The high fat and no carb diet is quick, easy and lets you have your favourites like cheese and butter.

GLUTEN-FREE DIET: Even though gluten-free is a serious condition for many and is even life-threatening for some, it is a safe diet to lose weight as well. Since our Indian diet is an overload of gluten with paranthas and rotis, going on a gluten-free diet can actually turn out to be beneficial and help us get rid of many recurring issues.

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