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Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy AYUSH | Government Ayurvedic Hospital of Gujarat Ayurvedic Centres Government Ayurvedic Hospital of GujaratThere are 33 Government Ayurveda hospitals and 07 Grant-in-aid hospitals in Gujarat, which provide ancient Ayurveda services to the society with modern tools. Total 1865 beds are available for indoor admission of patients amongst them 1345 beds are existing at government hospital and 520 beds are offered at grant in aid hospitals respectively. More then 2 lack patients admitted in this hospitals and get holistic approach to eliminate from root cause level. More than five lakh patients were treated at OPD level.

List of Health Services Available in State

No Institute Hospitals/ Dispensaries OPD Beds IPD
1 Grant in aid Ayurveda Hospitals 007 360250 520 71323
2 Government Ayurveda Hospitals 033 948468 1345 211864
3 Ayurvedic Dispensaries 545 2647143
4 Mobile Ayurvedic Dispensaries 016 111122
5 Homoeopathy Dispensaries 216 660097
Total 817 4727080 1865 283187

Mobile Ayurveda Dispensaries

In spite of 545 dispensaries entrenched at village level, many remote communities are left untouched with medical facilities. The mobile services intended to cover such area where dispensaries are not available. Department of ISM&H started 4 mobile Ayurvedic dispensaries to cover these remote areas since 1999-2000 under Special Component Plan. They are sanctioned under tribal development plan in viewing to serve schedule tribe dominant area of Gujarat state. In the year of 2000-2001, a mobile in Surat district was sanctioned to serve the tribal area of south Gujarat with Ayurvedic therapy.

Five mobile services were started in earthquake affected area in the year of 2000-2001 to restore the health services. Department has sanctioned one mobile Ayurvedic dispensary in earthquake hampered district namely Jamnagar, Surendranagar and Rajkot. Two mobile dispensaries started at highly damaged district-Kachchha. Presently total 16Mobile dispensaries are on road to fulfill the health need of aloof area where medical facilities are not readily available.

Sr. No Manage by District served
1 Govt. Ayurvedic hospital, Junaghad Junaghad
2 Govt. Ayurvedic hospital, Bilimora, Navsari Navsari
3 Govt. Ayurvedic hospital, Vadgam, Banaskantha Banaskantha
4 Govt. Ayurvedic hospital, Himatnagar, Sabarkantha Sabarkantha
5 District Ayurveda Officer, Surat Suart
6 Govt. AkhandanandAyurvedic hospital, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
7 Maniben Gov. Ayurvedic hospital, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
8 Govt. Ayurvedic hospital,Gandhinagar Gandhinagar
9 Govt. Ayurvedic hospital,Amreli Amreli
10 Govt. Ayurvedic hospital,Bhuj Bhuj
11 Govt. Ayurvedic hospital, Surendranagar Surendranagar
12 District Ayurveda Officer, Jamnagar Jamnagar
13 Deputy Manager, Gov. Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Rajpipla Rajpipla
14 District Ayurveda Officer, Panchmahal Panchmahal
15 District Ayurveda Officer, Rajkot
(transfer to Bhavnagar)
16 Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Dang Dang


Ayurveda Education of Government Gujarat

Only Qualified and skilled Doctors provide optimum quality of health services to the society. An excellence health education service is only tool to produce prudent and pious doctors. Department of ISM&H endeavor for same by conducting 11 Ayurvedic, 16 Homeopathic and 1 Naturopathy & Yoga colleges. Department also take initiative by starting Para- Ayurvedic courses like Ayurvedic Compounder and Ayurvedic Nursing to add excellence in current services of Ayurveda and Panchakarma. The details of various courses available in Gujarat state are as follow…..Read More.

Government Ayurveda Pharmacies of Government Gujarat

Two Government Ayurveda pharmacy were established in 1982 at Rajpipala (Dist.Narmada) and Vadodara. Previously Vadodara pharmacy was attached with AyurvedaCollege, Vadodara and declared independent unit in 2008-09….Read More.

Training & Research of Government Gujarat

Training is one of the effective and tested tools for performance enhancement, as well as up gradation of knowledge and skills of the personnel and organization. Training is permanent process of learning and updating for all type of staff. Training means to facilitate the person to do his/her duty more efficiently…..Read More.

Ayurveda Council of Government Gujarat

Gujarat Board of Ayurvedic and Unani systems of Medicine

Gujarat Board of Ayurvedic and Unani system of Medicine was established in 1960 and it implement “The Gujarat Medical Practitioners Act 1963.” from 26-2-1963. Members 11 Including the President 7 elected members from registered Ayurveda Practitioner 4 Government nominee Tenure 5 year Registration Ayurveda & Unani…..Read More.

Contact Us of of Government Ayurvedic Department of Gujarat

Indian Systems of Medicine & Homeopathy (AYUSH)

Office Address :2nd Floor, Block No. 1,
Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Sector – 10,
Gandhinagar. (Gujarat)

Email : [email protected]


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