Ashutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma Hospital at Mehsana

Ashutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma Hospital at Mehsana Ayurvedic Centres Ashutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma HospitalAshutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma Hospital is the leader and pioneer in quality systems driven Ayurveda medical care. Ashutosh Ayurvedam specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the root-cause of serious diseases across major medical specialties.

Authentic Ayurveda
We are providing Ayurvedic Treatments as per the Ayurvedic text that is why we are result oriented.

Authentic Panchakarma
ASHUTOSH AYURVEDAM is a place for authentic Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments, we are located in Gujarat.

Well Trained Team
We have a well educated, trained and qualified team of professionals with us which delivers the best.

Ashutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma Hospital Ayurvedic Treatments
Come to AAPH to discover outcomes driven, precision Ayurveda medical care. You can implicitly trust us to empower you and to do everything that is in your best health interests.
– VIRECHANA KARMA (Purgation Therapy)
– VAMANA KARMA (Emesis Therapy)
– SWEDANA (Sudation Therapy)
– SNEHANA (Oleation Therapy)
– Netradhara Treatement
– yoga
– Raktmokshan Treatement
– Shirodhara Treatement

Ashutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma Hospital Doctors
Ashutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma Hospital (AAPH) is increasingly making accessible precision Ayurveda care across India, delivered by an expert team of senior Ayurveda physicians
– Dr. Hiren Raval – MD ( Panchkarma ).
– Dr. Gargi Raval – BAMS ( Ayurved ), BYNS.

Ashutosh Ayurvedam Panchkarma Hospital Address at Old Pooja Hospital, Sanskrut Complex, T.B. Road, Vijapur, Gujarat 382870.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9408196846

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