Osethma Ayurveda in Maharagama

Osethma Ayurveda in Maharagama Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Centres Osethma Ayurveda in MaharagamaOsethma Ayurveda Home is a private limited liability company registered under companies act no 17 0f 1982 to  operate Ayurveda / Traditional Hospital, Channeled consultation service, Out patient department, Teaching Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine, Ayurveda  Beauty culture, Manufacturing import and export of Ayurvedic drugs,  Optical and hearing aid services.

Osethma Ayurveda center is situated in the city of Maharagama, 15 kilometers south from the city of Colombo . There are main bus route for easy access. Only 6 km to Mt.Laviniya very beautiful  beach and too many tourist hotels.

Osethma Ayurveda health home will ensure to attract persons having ailments without proper treatment from modern medicine.

Osethma Ayurveda provide teaching and training programs for Ayurveda paramedical staff such as nurses, masseurs, therapists, Ayurveda beauty therapists, Ayurveda pharmacists, and Yoga training programs.

Osethma Ayurveda are open for research work as well as link programs with local as well as overseas organizations.

Osethma Ayurveda Services

  • Ayurveda and Traditional Medical Services
  • Panchakarma Treatments
  • Ayurveda Beauty Care
  • Herbal Massage, Herbal steam bath, Hydro therapy
  • Osethma Vision Care and Hearing Aids
  • Ayurveda Medical Education
  • Osethma Osusala (Ayurveda and Modern Pharmacy)

Click here to visit of Osethma Ayurveda Located in Department of Ayurveda, Nawinna, Maharagama, Sri Lanka, official website.

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