Peacock Ayurveda Garden

Peacock Ayurveda Garden in Dikwella, Matara | Best Ayurvedic Centre Ayurvedic Centres Peacock Ayurveda Garden in Dikwella, Matara | Best Ayurvedic CentrePeacock Ayurveda Garden is an Ayurveda resort in Sri Lanka. The resort is located in the south side of the country, only 4 km away from the town of Dikwella. This small and lovely town, caressed by the waves of the Indian Ocean, is with a coral reef gulf and breathtaking powdery white sand beaches.

Peacock Ayurveda Garden a locally famous Ayurveda doctor who lived in this beautiful country house and used her knowledge to treat locals. The entire house embraced the Ayurvedic spirit and peace, and became a healing place for all those who came here to find their tranquility and heal their body and spirit.

Peacock Villa Ayurveda Garden is housed today in this welcoming and peaceful place, and continues writing the story that started a long time ago with a wise doctor who embraced Ayurveda’s healing powers.

Peacock Ayurveda Resort is open today for everyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing stay in Sri Lanka while treating their body and soul with Ayurvedic procedures.

Best Ayurveda Therapies at Peacock Ayurveda Garden like as Mud Therapy, Kerala Treatments, Reflex Therapy, Hydro Therapy, Massage Therapy, Music Therapy, Diet Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy, Magneto Therapy, Electro Therapy, Helio-therapy, Yoga therapy, Ayurveda Therapy Centres in Dikwella, Matara, Sri Lanka.

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