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3dosha ayurveda GmbH is a family-owned company based in Berne.

3dosha ayurveda in Bern, Switzerland Ayurvedic Centres 3dosha ayurveda in Bern, SwitzerlandWe run 3dosha massage practices in the espace bien-être of the ” vatterland” in the inner city of Bern and the 3dosha-restaurant in the popular Breitenrain district. ( Link to commercial register entry )

Kumar Satkunam is a recognized ayurvedic therapist at:

    • EMR (Medical Register, to the entry )
  • ASCA (Foundation for the recognition and development of alternative and complementary medicine, list of therapists )
  • EGK (Swiss National Health Fund )

3dosha ayurveda is a member of the professional association VSAMT(Association of Swiss Ayurverda physicians and therapists).

Are you interested in the ancient art of Ayurveda? Are you looking for relaxation and inner balance? Do you want to adapt your eating habits in a natural way? Or would you just like to eat well and healthy in a pleasant setting? Ayurveda knows answers to problems of our modern world and leads you to a state of inner balance.

In 3dosha ayurveda family business we offer daily fresh menus, ayurvedic massages , nutritional advice , products , cooking classes – even ayurvedic holidays in Berne. We are sure that you will find an attractive offer.

The Official Site of 3dosha ayurveda is www.3dosha.ch. 3dosha ayurveda is Located at Moserstrasse 27, 3014 Bern, Switzerland.

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