Astanka Yoga Mandir (AYM) in Colombo

Astanka Yoga Mandir (AYM) in Colombo | Best Yoga Centre Ayurvedic Centres Astanka Yoga Mandir (AYM) in ColomboASTANKA YOGA MANDIR (AYM) is a center for yogic knowledge in Colombo, Sri Lanka, which provides resources and facilities to learn and practice the yogic knowledge of the great Eastern traditions.

ASTANKA YOGA means EIGHT fold paths to gain wisdom to improve the quality of life and spiritual knowledge.
Sri Lanka is a land of Siddhars (Enlighten souls), Monks and spiritual masters – a country which practices Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam.

The roots AND BLESSINGS of ASTANKA YOGA MANDIR(AYM) starts from the 19th century and is blessed by India’s modern time great spiritual master H.H.Swami Sivavnada Maharaj(Founder – Divine Life Society ).

Why Yoga?

In this fast moving world of ours, work pressures and stress are in abundance, heart related deceases are becoming a major killer. Lack of sufficient exercise or physical activity, unhealthy diet, obesity, ulcers, allergies and hypertension are on the rise.
Adapting to a serene lifestyle for a healthier living is becoming a must to each and every one of us. To achieve this Yoga is a wonderful tool. Regular basic & simple yoga exercises paired up with a healthier diet could assure you that lifestyle.
We at Astanka Yoga Mandir with your dedication can help you achieve that.

Astanka Yoga Mandir in Academic Yoga, VYASAH Yoga (Art of Yoga Nidra, Sukshma Yoga, Artha Nareeswara Yoga), Corporate Yoga, Astanka Yoga, Therapy Yoga, Kids Yoga etc…

Click here to visit of Astanka Yoga Mandir (AYM) Located in Ridgeway Pl, Colombo 00400, Sri Lanka, official website.

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